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    National Unrest – C. Steinweg Bridge Terminals, 14 July 2021

    National Unrest – C. Steinweg Bridge Terminals, 14 July 2021

    The current unrest, looting, violence and rioting continued throughout the night mainly in Johannesburg & Durban; properties have been further vandalized and public safety, availability of public transport services and access to major routes continues to be severely compromised throughout Johannesburg & Durban.

    In the best interest of protecting our staff, assets and client’s cargo; we have taken the decision to remain closed until such time as calm and order have been restored throughout the affected areas. This means our warehouses / operations in Johannesburg & Durban are not operational and all forms of transport remain suspended until deemed safe to operate.

    Please anticipate major delays and disruptions to services and we kindly ask that you communicate the same to your suppliers, customers and/or parties whom may be impacted. Please be rest assured we remain committed to opening operations as soon as possible, hopefully sanity will prevail soon and it will be safe to return to full operations. We thank you for your understanding of the above. 

    We will continue monitor the situation to keep you updated and should you have any questions please reach out to us directly. 

    Yours Sincerely,

    The C. Steinweg Bridge Terminals Team